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The 10 second re-boot  £57

My top mindfulness technique to help you calm the body and mind within a few breaths, which you can use any time that stress hits. It’s also a quick re-centring tool, to practice say once every hour, to keep stress levels from building during the day.

As the title suggests, once you've practiced you can do this in the space of three breaths  - about 10 seconds.

6-week Foundations of Mindfulness  £297

This course will help you to understand stress better, recognise your own patterns of reaction, and help you develop new, healthier responses. In the process you will become better at focusing on present activities, and develop emotional intelligence.

This is the starting point for the advanced courses.

Advanced course: Manage workplace stress £127

This short course is one of my core specialisms - integrating mindfulness at work to reduce stress, increase productivity and build better teams. I work with some great organisations and have had amazing results, building resilience for individuals and for the business as a whole. Includes mindful meetings guidance.

Sleep better £57

Learn why we need good sleep for mental and physical wellbeing. Includes mindfulness approaches and other tips on how to prepare for a good sleep, what to do if you wake early or during the night, and a magical opportunity on waking. With mp3 downloads.

Manage Anxiety & Depression  £97

Learn the neuroscience of anxiety and depression and learn simple, highly effective strategies to cope better, flourish and love life again. With videos, notes and mp3 downloads.

Book: The Path Leads Here  - £9

Simon's book is a collection of short essays and reflections on how we can live mindfully in a busy world.

Available in paperback (audiobook coming soon).

October retreat - review

This retreat was a Zoom home-based retreat with 8 lovely souls. We met 4x a day and explored how the retreat mindset can be brought into everyday life at home and work.

See some brief reviews from the last session.

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