Mindfulness foundation course

Tune-in, calm down and carry on with kindness

This course will help you to understand stress better, recognise your own patterns of reaction, and help you develop new, healthier responses. In the process you will become better at focusing on present activities, with less distraction in terms of past and future worries. You will also develop emotional intelligence and life skills for every situation.

This course is just the beginning. How well it works depends on your commitment. I suggest you only start this course when you can commit to at least 6 weeks of daily practice (5 minutes every morning and evening plus many mindful 'moments' in the day). Then carry on for a lifetime. I'm here to help you, and there's loads more reading and viewing materials if you get interested. I promise you that the benefits are immeasurable.

Once you've got the foundations, you can go on to take further specialist modules such as managing stress at work, or managing anxiety and depression.

Start feeling calm, balanced, joyful and way more resilient, within weeks - £297

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