About Simon

I’m Simon Michaels.

I combine 30 years experience of meditation and mindfulness practice, with being a social entrepreneur and business advisor.

Whilst my training and coaching is entirely secular, my experience of meditation comes from a deep and on-going practice in the Buddhist contemplative tradition. I have lay ordination as Upasaka Tsultrim Wangpo in the Namgyal lineage. This ancient wisdom is the foundation for effective mindfulness practice, where sound ethical values underpin the techniques and tools.

My long experience in meditation, and on-going practice and retreat attendance, ensures that I stay in tune with 2500 years of teaching, that I channel when working with you.

In parallel, I have been a very successful social entrepreneur for the last 20 years, applying the boundless energy that comes from being in touch with one's true self. This has included setting up several social enterprises with multiple six-figure turnovers.

My work orientation has changed in the last few years, so that I now train workplace groups in stress management and developing wellbeing, and coach individuals with mindfulness at the core of it.

I have formal qualifications in business support, coaching, and mindfulness teaching.  I’m a member of the International Stress Management Association and have a Mental Health First Aid certificate, and adhere to the code of practice for mindfulness-based trainers. I’m an elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a director of several successful ethical companies, and have advised businesses, government agencies, third sector organisations and local authorities, as well as training and coaching hundreds of individuals. I have trained over 500 people.

My approach to mindfulness training is based on several principles:

  • Time: most people have busy lives; so I suggest ways to practice ‘little and often’ requiring you to find as little 5 minutes quiet time morning and evening
  • Integration: what matters most is how you integrate the intention and insights on the cushion, into daily activities and interactions at work and at home
  • Kindness: I believe that mindfulness is an empty practice unless it is purposeful and driven by our innate capacity for kindness

September 2020 update: I've just been diagnosed with a serious health condition. Does this stop me? Hell no. I'm more motivated than ever to create heart connections with amazing people like you, and help you help others & help the planet. Our time is now!