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A focus on tranquility meditations to help you become more resilient, grounded, and effective in the world. Start being more of you.

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I will work with a few people at any one time, who want to be at the top of their game. Tap into your unlimited positive energy; uncover your hidden assets. Be a great leader, creative, or entrepreneur.
Bespoke pricing from £900/month depending on the level of contact.

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Personal attention: I'll work directly with each one of you, interact often, tune-in and suggest practices for your busy lifestyle, that you can bring into your role as a mindful leader or entrepreneur.  You'll get coaching as often as you need it as well as emergency support. Expect inspiration, challenge and motivation.

Leadership & business coaching: I'll help you in your ambition to become a truly remarkable leader or business owner. I am the founder of 7 successful ethical enterprises and am a Business Wales mentor, with links to VC financing and advice. Start-ups and growth for good is my passion.

Current short courses and retreats

The 10 second re-boot

Simon's top technique - calm down quickly when stress hits. Next start date tbc.
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Sleep better

A set of online resources to help you get a better sleep, with audio downloads.
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October retreat

A four day meditation and T'ai Ji retreat. Oct 14th 18th in Herefordshire.
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What people say

Georgiana Leclery, trainer

John Cartwright, business owner

Rupert Poole, IT manager

Corporate training ?

If you're an employer see my sister site Mindful Work.

Stress reduction programmes leading to over 70% better productivity.

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