The 10 second reboot

My top mindfulness technique to help you calm the body and mind within a few breaths, which you can use any time that stress hits. It’s also a quick re-centring tool, to practice say once every hour, to keep stress levels from building during the day.

This quick exercise is a very valuable tool and a quick way to de-stress when you feel your emotions getting disturbed. As the title suggests, once you've practiced you can do this in the space of three breaths  - about 10 seconds.

This technique is one I’ve come to after 20 years of working with busy people, to find a really quick way to calm down the body and mind. It actually works to trick the parasympathetic nervous system that all is ok, and creates a dopamine release (the feel-good brain chemical).

It consists of three elements, and can be learned in minutes.

The course comprises an introduction, top tips, videos and mp3s on mindful breathing practice and the 10 second re-boot, plus PDFs.



Suggested price:  £17

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