Manage Anxiety & Depression

A short course to help you understand and learn some practical, simple strategies to pull yourself out.

Anxiety is a body feeling that generates from worry, but if it persists can become a chronic condition, whereby we are anxious even though there's no good reason for it.

Depression is the most common mental health condition. It can be passing or can become a stable state, so finding a way to break the cycle takes determination.  These tools will really help.With one in four of us likely to suffer mental health issues in any year, and with recent factors such as COVID, on top of austerity, mental health is a very real concern.

So more than ever, we need practical strategies to address it effectively.  Mindfulness has been proven to be as effective as drugs and creates lasting changes.

This course builds on core mindfulness skills - so please do the 6 week course before this as a foundation, unless you have equivalent meditation and mindfulness experience.

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What the course contains

  • video and notes on the science of anxiety
  • notes on practical ways to cope, calm-down quickly are-frame and get perspective
  • video and notes on the science of depression
  • none strategies to break into an upward spiral
  • guided meditations to listen to or download
  • top tips