The Mindfulness at Work course

Course content

- about workplace stress
- stress impact update

Managing workload
- increasing efficiency
- negotiating the possible 

Workplace communication
- mindful listening & interaction
- emails
- coaching

Mindful meetings
 - guidance & protocols

Working from home
- safeguard your mental health


Managing workload

In looking at workload, we're addressing the top cause of stress at work. As busiest tighten, competition grows, productivity becomes critical. Many of us are asked to do more, or feel we ought to do more.

Often, we simply can't catch up or match up to the expectations. This can undermine our self-esteem, push us to work long hours, and it can all be overwhelming.

So in this section we both look at some simple ways to increase efficiency, but also consider how to manage expectations with respect and compassion. Closely related is a review of our core values, so that we remain clear why we're doing what we do.