Free mindfulness resources

Learn the basics: Get started with meditation, simply. Foundation practices with downloadable mp3s. See Basics page.

Follow the 21-day mindfulness challenge.

Stress at work checker: break down your stress into manageable chunks and share with your line manager of mental health professional. Stress-test-2020

A one-page guide to managing stress: STRESS Top tips

Anxiety checker: see if you are experiencing signs of anxiety and know when to get help. Anxiety-test

Diet and gut health: some simple recommendations to improve your gut health, which links directly to mental health. Gut health

Signs of colleagues with mental health problems: how we can help each other by being alert to colleagues with a problem. Signs of mental health problems

My You Tube channel: a collection of pithy reflections and practical advice on meeting life's challenges with ease.

Five quick introductory videos to mindfulness practice