Meditation basics

These simple guides are designed to help you get started with meditation, or if you have dabbled in meditation before it might give you a better way to develop a consistent practice.

The key to making change is daily practice. I usually suggest a 'sandwich' of practice comprising (to start with):

  • 5 minutes breathing practice first thing in the morning
  • 5 minutes body scan practice in the evening or before bed
  • many mindful moments and pause during the day

The aim is to build a routine first, then to do more when you feel motivated. So don't miss a single day (but don't beat yourself up if you miss one).

What you have here are some introductory videos, and some mp3s that you can download to listen to in the quiet practice times.

For the mindful moments, try to create reminders such as every time you get up, make a drink, change tasks. Just pause for 10 seconds or one minute, take a few mindful breaths and come back home to your body, with an inner smile and self-compassion.

When you've got this into your routine, the next step would be a six week programme possibly with some one-to-one coaching.


5 and 10 minute practices

5 minute Breathing exercise:

10 minute Breathing exercise:

5 minute Body scan

10 minute Body scan

Notes about breathing and body scan

Mindful breathing

Body awareness & body scan