Mindful Space Mindfulness Course June 2021

Welcome. This page holds course resources, which will include the course handbook, videos of the recorded Zoom sessions, and other materials and links that seem useful as we progress.

Here is the Zoom link for the sessions.
Passcode: 705400

Facebook Group Meditate at 8 - a 20 minute meditation session each Monday and Friday at 8.00am. Join live or watch later.

Healing retreat 13-17th October

Here is Session 8 - download link

Also notes about Pain management with mindfulness and a link to a page about mindful eating

Loving kindness in 10 directions

Session 7 - downloadable here

Session 6  - downloadable here

Breathing -more techniques

Feeling and space meditation

The earlier videos are now downloadable:

Loving kindess meditation to 4 beings

Session 5 recording link here to download on Vimeo

Here is a 20minute pre-sleep body scan with music 

A quick body tune-in

Exploring the breath in more detail

Here is a 10 minute gratitude practice

Here are notes about The nature of thoughts

and Mindful meetings - 9 tips

Here is a short hearing practice

Course handbook, in three parts: June 21 updates
Course Handbook Section 1
Course Handbook Section 2
Course Handbook Section 3

Here is a 5 and 10 minute breathing meditation (play or download):

Here is a 5 and 10 minute body scan:

Science of mindfulness PDF

Here is an mp3 of the '10 second reboot'