Becoming Unlimited

Take the journey from health crisis to positivity & purpose

With chronic illness or a serious injury, life can seem pretty hopeless.

But your mind has the potential to help you heal and love life again.

Discover how to start feeling more positive right away. Be unlimited.

The three month coached programme: 'Unlimited Healing'

Watch this video 30 minute video. You'll see exactly how the magic works,
and get some techniques to start recreating positivity and joy right away.

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PDF script here if you want to read this later

So let’s summarise:

This is a three month programme where you will:

  • start by learning or refining your meditation and mindfulness skills, then develop advanced healing practices
  • find out how to calm down quickly, deal with difficulties and pain, and see off anxiety and depression
  • practice and develop your unique visualisation of a positive, healthy future self, and integrate this into your meditations
  • take good care of yourself through diet, sleep and fitness
  • get links, info, videos and recommendations for complementary therapies such as Ayurveda & yoga
  • develop a strong sense of positivity, kindness and gratitude
  • redefine yourself, rediscover your purpose, find more balance and just love life again

Discover your Unlimited self!

What you get:

  • lifetime access to all resources (videos, notes, mp3s) on a mobile-friendly website
  • weekly coaching sessions on Zoom so we can customise the programme to suit your specific needs and circumstances
  • get free access to all my online courses and online retreats while still on the programme
  • interact with others, watch livestreams and get inspirational posts in the Unlimited Facebook group
  • personal messaging with Simon by text and voice

I’ll be there alongside you, sharing my journey in all the ups and downs, and being there for you with an open heart

The cost is currently £1,111 per month, or £2,970 in full now.

So if you’re just feeling yes I’m in,
and you’re ready to invest the time and money,
get ready to feel more positive, heal your mind & body,
and fall in love with life again!

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