Mindfulness Foundation course & Mindfulness at Work

- starts 12th April

Exclusive small-group programme with support from Simon

This is a rare chance to work very closely with Simon for six weeks, interacting with a select group of five people, to go deeply into the approach and application of this profound practice. The group is small enough to enable individual coaching.

Learn the foundation practices and bring mindfulness into your everyday life. Go on to integrate it into managing stress and interactions at work.

Here’s what you will get:

  • Lifetime access to the online materials for both courses, including videos, notes and guided meditations
  • 7 live interactive sessions on Zoom
  • 8 week’s support via WhatsApp for Q&A and tips

Outcomes you can expect:

  • Learn to recognise and re-programme your response to stress
  • Discover the stillness within, and how to access it at anytime
  • Find practical ways to integrate mindfulness into everyday activities
  • Avoid conflict and improve interactions at home and at work
  • Start to improve physical as well as mental wellbeing

Price:  £300  (normal combined price is £324, with no live sessions, so this is amazing value).

Update 1 April: Only 2 places left.

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Session times:

April 12th 4.30
April 15th,21st, 27th 1.30
May 4th, 11th, 18th 1.30

Some comments from my recent Spring and Autumn courses:

'It has been an immensely positive experience. Simon created a trusting and safe space in which the group could get to know each other, contribute to discussions in a considerate and engaged way and learn from each other’s experiences.  Simon’s skill, knowledge and experience was amazing and I really appreciated his wisdom, guidance and encouragement – and sometimes gentle challenge to think about ways in which to overcome distractions or barriers to practice.'

'The course has helped me recommit to my practice and remember why it’s important to me and an essential part of my routine. I also believe that participating in the course helped to speed and sustain my recovery from a depressive episode; my emotional range has broadened and deepened, particularly towards feelings of joy and openness.'

‘Meditation is something I do now with pleasure every morning to lean into feelings and show them compassion, and take time to be kind to myself. For example when a training session I was delivering did not go to plan, I nipped self-criticism in the bud, showed myself compassion, and was then able to look at improving the next training session.’

‘My morning routine of yoga and meditation sets me up for a more positive start for the day ahead. I feel so much happier starting the day well – when previously I often woke up feeling down. I think the general process of slowing down, being mindful, and taking more time for me has been really beneficial.’

‘I don’t get stressed about everything in the same way as before the course. I will just pause and think before to responding to emails or what others have said – I don’t take things so personally anymore  as I used to – I’m just more calm now.’

Mindful breathing and mindful listening - just two of the teachniques you'll learn.

Mindful breathing, mindful listening and clearing the busy mind are just some of the core practices you'll learn.

retreat group Nov 19

Practising as group, a 'sangha', is powerful and supportive. We can create positive energy for the world.