Warrior's Path Facebook group
Honesty Box

I ask all participating group members to make a small monthly contribution to be part of this group and to support this teaching. You can choose the amount, but my suggestion is £9-19. I trust you to do this - like an honesty box.

This exchange is in the spirit of ‘dana’ or the parami of generosity: the teacher gives his insights, guidance and presence freely; in return the student gives money or other gifts. This supports the flow of abundance in our lives.

What you get:

  • live weekday meditation sessions to start the day well
  • occasional other short and simple live dharma teachings
  • personal reflections and stories of applying the practice in real life
  • share & support: ask questions and get responses from Simon and other members

Every so often I will promote courses and retreats for deeper practice or to address specific real life issues. Personal coaching and guidance is also available.

Here's the group link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/MWshare/

Billing is secure through Zoho checkout and Stripe - we hold no details of your transaction or card info. Cancel any time.