Mid-summer refuge retreat

Join Simon in a 2 or 3 day retreat, focused on the concept of refuge. With a combination of meditation, movement practice and study of the natural world, we will celebrate being alive, tuning-in to the healing, calming energy around us and within us. Once touched and explored, this is the ultimate refuge, and always available.

The retreat will be quiet (no chatting, but time for questions and sharing practice experience in the classes), and will include yoga, chi gong, meditation, and nature exploration in the beautiful wooded hills and valleys. Expect to come away feeling that is healing happening, refreshed and a little blissed out! See more about the venue.

Simon will lead the retreat.  This retreat is designed for those with  some prior experience of meditation and mindfulness (check with me if you need to).

Whilst his teaching is secular, Simon has been a committed meditation practitioner in the Buddhist tradition for over 25  years, and was ordained as a lay teacher in 2017. He continues to study the subject intensively, and has been teaching  since 2011, with a focus on nature of mind.


Cost for the teaching, accommodation and great food:

2 day retreat costs £195; 3 day costs £245

Use Paypal or contact Simon for bank transfer.

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