An online, home-based retreat

Meditation can be seen as a process of exploring our mind’s true nature; understanding what lies beneath our worries, internal chatter, self-image and preferences.

So the first stage is to discover that, for all of us, we have a background mind-state of calm, spaciousness and clarity ; in retreat there is the opportunity to get glimpses of this truth, and then take that experience into our daily life.

Touching the Earth is a 36 hour retreat where we will focus on grounding, feeling gratitude for everything that supports us, and taking refuge in our own ground of being. We will work with a short text by Lama Tarchin Hearn. Here is an extract:

‘At the heart of all spiritual experience, whether it be religious or secular in form, dwells a sense of empowering trust and deep-seated confidence that everything, at every level of being, is profoundly inter-linked and inter-dependent. The universe reveals itself as a magnificent confluence of immense diversity and dynamic wholeness. "Touching the Earth" is a contemplative practice that integrates body, speech and mind in a way that can help transform this often transient and somewhat ephemeral intuition into a tangible experience arising in the very midst of the life we are living.’

Outline programme:

Friday 8-9pm: initial Zoom session - orientation, aspiration and initial practices
Saturday: we will have three Zoom sessions, at 9am, 2pm and 8pm, to jointly explore the text and talk about the practice, interspersed with home practice and being mindful in all domestic activities (ideally silent, but if interaction with others is unavoidable using this as a way to bring the practice home).
Sunday: wrap up Zoom session at 10am

A webpage for this retreat will be created with resources such as recordings of the Zoom sessions (to re-watch or catch up), guided meditations etc.

As this is a home-based retreat, it is designed to fit around daily activities and work/home commitments. You'll be integrating the practice right into daily life. If you miss some sessions just catch up later.

This retreat is designed for those with any level of experience of meditation and mindfulness.

Feedback from a recent 4 day home-based retreat


Whilst his teaching is secular, Simon has been a committed meditation practitioner in the Buddhist tradition for over 20 years, and was ordained in 2017. He continues to study the subject intensively, and has been teaching  since 2011, with a focus on nature of mind.


The cost for Simon’s teaching and coaching, and unlimited future access to all resources is £97. It is limited to 10 people so that everyone can be heard. If unemployed use 50% coupon code 'unwaged'.

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